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By: Ian Wong

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The Barbapapa Web Site grew out of my frustration in trying to find a web page about my favorite childhood icon. I first realized that there wasn't a web site focusing on Barbapapa when one day I conducted searches on almost every imaginary web searcher to find out that only peripheral information about Barbapapa existed on the web. So this is my attempt to remedy the situation.

Barbapapa Drinking

"Who is Barbapapa?", you may ask. Barbapapa is cuddly blob of pink ectoplasm who has the uncanny ability to mold the shape of his body to his heart's (if he has a heart) desire. Barbapapa arose from the imagination of Annette Tison et Talus Taylor in 1970. Barbapapa was first introduced to the world in the book, Barbapapa.

Barbapapa Expressing His Love For Barbamama

Barbapapa was the first book in a long line of children's book, yielding such classic works as La Maison de Barbapapa, L'ecole de Barbapapa to more recent works such as Le Barbabateau. Throughout these books, we are first introduced the kind old Barbapapa, then we cried with him as his heart lingered for a soul companion. We rejoiced when he found Barbamama and then shouted in exaltation as they gave birth to 7 technicolored children.

The Miracle of Birth

I hope that I have been able to introduce the many years of joy that I have enjoyed in following Barbapapa's story in this brief introduction.

Bye from the parents.

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