Barbapapa Pictures

Barbapapa's birth.

The origins of Barbapapa. Didn't you always wonder?

Barbapapa saving the day.

Barbapapa saves countless people from becoming the BBQ entree.

Barbakids Mushrooms

The Barbakids turned into mushrooms. Maybe from doing shrooms.

Barbapapa Family

The Barbapapa family spelling out the name of our favorite blob of hot pink protoplasm.

Barbapapa on a Canoe Trip

The Barbapapa family on a little family outing to a castle on the riviera.

Barbapapa on a Boat Trip

Returning back from a Swiss Family Barbapapa adventure.

Barbapapa and Barbamama planting their children

Barbapapa and Barbamama tenderly planting their children.

Bye bye from Barbapapa

Bye bye Barbapapa - a bird's eye view.

Barbapapa Returning Home

Barbapapa coming home after a hard day of Barbaworking.

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